Kamis, 03 Juli 2014

3 Amazing Garden Design Ideas

Our housing and living room, of course, includes not only the house or the apartment itself, but, if present, also the associated garden , which in most cases for recreation and relaxation is thought and relaxation.

That is why we have placed some useful at this point tips and tricks when it comes to garden, garden design and decoration together in the garden.
Beautiful garden stairs with wood and gravel
Artificial paths and steps in the garden will be planned and thought out. Think in advance which routes you are often put back in your garden and how long and wide the garden paths must be actual.

Now After the basic planning is to consider what materials and floor coverings are to be used for both paths, and for the remaining areas in the garden.

Especially in vogue are currently the materials of wood and stone, which were combined in the above example to an original gently sloping staircase.

Walk in the Garden with gravel, basalt curbstones and inlaid stone plates

Also, different kinds of stones can be put together in interesting combinations. So the curbs were made ​​oden basalt combined with light gravel and inlaid stone plates that allow despite gravel comfortable walking.
This stylish combination is a beautiful eye-catcher in the middle of the lawn and relaxes the overall appearance of the garden.
Shade in the garden pavilion
Who has a big enough garden, can resort to one of the most beautiful design options: the creation of a garden pond or small stream run.

In our example, the pond was combined with a floating platform that houses a decorative pavilion, which invites you to relax. The picture is completed by the curved wooden bridge that brings a touch of romance into the overall picture.